Out of the Ordinary Wedding Cakes


Wedding celebrations are definitely not just basic anymore. From wedding cakes to wedding nails, it’s about reflecting the bridal couple and their relationship. The days of straightforward wedding receptions are long gone.

Get in touch with your inner-creative when choosing desserts and wedding cakes:

Creatures and Caricatures

This is your chance to add some personality to your wedding cake. You could either choose to have little cake caricatures of you and your bride/groom or you could even play out an entire event. If you are an arty couple this is the perfect way to show off.

Wedding Cakes

Bridal Gown

One dress might not be enough. Instead of featuring the traditional shape of wedding cakes you could choose your own. Replicate your wedding dress as a wedding cake so that everyone could have a piece of it.

Wedding Cakes

DIY Wedding Cupcakes

Wedding cakes don’t need to be gigantic units, they could be split into smaller units in the forms of cupcakes. This way you don’t have to worry about the size of the cake or the serving sizes of each slice. Even better, have your guests decorate their own wedding cupcakes. This way it’s a wedding activity that will keep hands busy and the ‘sweet tooth’s’ satisfied.

Mini Madness

Not in the mood for wedding cakes as dessert? You could still serve mini-sized deserts, but of all tastes and textures and present them in matching cups or ramekins. You could have a wedding dessert table where these mini-treats are displayed in the form of a wedding cake.

Wedding Cakes

Take A Shot

Some wedding guests might appreciate their after-dinner treats to have a little kick. Combine your cake display with shot trays of your favourite sweet and shocking shots.

Wedding Pops

If you haven’t heard of cake pops yet, we take it you’re on a wedding diet of some sorts. These pastry lollipops are trending like crazy and are the perfect alternative to conventional wedding cakes. Cake-pops can be decorated according to your wedding theme and presented in clever and creative ways.

Wedding Cakes

For more ideas or to check out the original photos displayed in this post and their credits, have a look at our Wedding Cake Inspiration board on Pinterest.

Article by Anneke Steenkamp