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Little Pink Book introduces the exquisite Gauteng based Gina V Productions as one of their premium wedding suppliers. +27(0)84 580 8454

Little Pink Book Wedding Videography Supplier: Gina V Productions is a passion expressed through videography. It is a world where they create and recreate an ethos of life via a camera.

Referred to her by her friend, Nic Nicolaou, Tina and Savvas met her and straight away it felt like they had been friends forever. Their wedding swayed from the typical “getting ready” traditions at their houses in the morning, to a truly traditional morning with Cypriot food, family and fun. Then on to St Andrews school where her husband, Vasili, got to try out their new arial camera shots (look out for them!) From there it was a crazy day to the church and then to a 300 people reception at the Cypriot Club, where plates were broken, whiskey was burnt and emotions exploded into one party. Thanks to an excellent team and to her first shoot with the awesome photographer, Ryan Graham!

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They are a team that believes in values and the power of vision.


They take what is reality and push it through a high quality lens so that you can watch that piece of life over and over again, as it happened. Your big occasion, your speech, your event.


You bring them a fleeting idea in your head and they will bring that idea to life. Your idea will become a brand, a representation of what you wish to share and advertise your company, your product, your profile.

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Your needs are met through any of their services. Filming, editing, animating and the output of their productions will meet your desires, from Standard definition to high quality HD video.

Letizia & Nik’s wedding HIGHLIGHTS from Gina Visentin on Vimeo.

Haley & Fabio – Italian Kisses from Gina Visentin on Vimeo.

Tina & Savvas – Greek vibes from Gina Visentin on Vimeo.

Visit her website or Pinterest for more information!

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