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We love to share with your the beautiful Engagement Shoot of Jarryd and Beverly. Their beautiful images were taken by Jean-Mari from Blue Jam Studios. At Blue Jam Studios they chase after originality. They hunt creativity and look cool while doing it. Blue Jam is a studio where individuality is gained and where clients are satisfied with who and what they are and want to be!

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Beverly told us their Love Story: “Jarryd (28) and I, Beverly Haggard (24) were acquaintances for a few years prior to dating – as we had many mutual friends. I always found Jarryd to be the most charming and respectful male in the group of friends. He was the one who would always make sure that you had a drink, that you were comfortable and got home safely. We really connected one night at a friend’s birthday. Jarryd experienced a moment of excessive braveness and jokingly invited me out to go watch the rubgy, “I laughed it off and said that I’d have to check my schedule”. I had since told Jarryd that I wouldn’t be able to make it to the rugby as I had prior plans with a friend (Judy), but as fate would have it Judy and I somehow ended up at the rugby to meet up with her fiancé, Deon, at one of the boxes for drinks. I texted Jarryd telling him that there had been a change in plans and that if he still wanted to, we could meet up. At this point it hadn’t crossed my mind that Deon and Jarryd would be in the same box watching rugby. He played along and agreed – when we eventually got to the box – low and behold Jarryd was there waiting me.

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Jarryd was a charmer and I think that was the first moment when my feelings started developing for him. We spent the next 2 weeks becoming better acquainted which involved excessive texting and a few dinner dates and on the 2nd September 2011, we officially started dating.

We were only dating for roughly 11 months when I took him to Cape Town (my home town) to attend my dads 50th  birthday celebration on the 7th of July. Jarryd did act a little strange at first but I gathered he was just a little nervous as this was only the second time that he would be spending time with my dad. We arrived the 5th and spent the day with my dad and the family, I was extremely excited to home again for a change. On the 6th July as murphy would have it the weather was miserable, cold, wet and windy in true Cape Town tradition! Jarryd insisted we go up the cable car and have lunch at the restaurant. I protested profusely – mentioning every excuse possible not to go out into the cold. None the less Jarryd won and off to Table Mountain we went in the freezing cold! The tickets operator insisted we reconsider our decision on going up as it was misty, overcast and visibility was zero for the day, but Jarryd was still persistent – he wanted to go up and he wanted it to be today! Once we reached the top, the cold cut through your clothes like a knife, the temperature was a whole 4 degrees – Jarryd and I snuggled up tightly together and went for a walk while walking over a wooden bridge at one of the look-out points. Standing in the mist and cold Jarryd struck down on to one knee, popped open this little black box with the most beautiful ring inside and asked me to be his wife! I was absolutely astonished and consumed by the magical moment. I of course said YES and as quickly as he could, he put the ring on my frozen finger and we rushed indoor for some hot refreshments.

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They are getting married on 9 November 2013 at Intundla Lodge in Pretoria.

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