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Today’s Real Wedding Inspiration is by Western Cape based photographer duo Vizionphoto. Pieter and Janicke’s wedding took place at the exquisite wedding venue, Laurent at Lourensford. The venue presents a clean, yet elaborate canvas, complete with detailed crystal chandeliers and a veranda that overlooks the entire Estate; the perfect backdrop for this glamourous and sophisticated wedding!

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Choosing your photographer is always a tricky part in the wedding planning process, how did you decide on Vizionphoto as your photographer? I went on the Little Pink Book’s wedding blog. I looked at each photographer’s work. I was looking for photos that looked like if they were taken to be published in a magazine; as if for a model shoot. I didn’t want that realistic look. Vizionphoto was perfect for that reason. The photos looked like they are modelled for a magazine. It was a perfect match. They do professional editing which was my main focus. I wanted to look the best I ever will on these photos.

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What were the highlights of your wedding day? Oh boy… Everything! There were so many highlights, from the “Yes, I do” to where I was lifted up over my husband’s shoulder and him trying to shove me and my big dress into the limo at the end if the party!

You had a beautiful dress. Tell us more about the designer, the fit and your favourite aspects. I designed my own wedding dress. I had my own drawings and idea of what I wanted. I searched the web for good designers and looked at their work and style. Gert van de Merwe was the best fit. My best aspect of the dress was the see-through corset with the Swarovski crystals.

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What made you choose your wedding venue? What was your venue short list? We wanted a big enough venue to host our 350 guests, so our options were limited with regards to Winefarm Venue choices. Most venues could only hold a maximum of 80-150 people, so the beautiful Lourensford Estate was the perfect choice to host our special day!

Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently? No! Even with the things that didn’t go according to plan, our day was perfect! It is those little things that make you laugh after the whole celebration is over. Everything happens so fast on that day that you need those little things as reminders.

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Where did you get most of your ideas and inspiration? I just had an idea in my head and then Googled images to help me plan it out. Pinterest also helped a lot.

What was the “theme” of your wedding, and why? Glamour and crystal sophistication… I’m a bit of a glamour girl and I like sparkly things!

Did anything unexpected happen? Yes, we had an open bar… Hahaha so the next day we saw that we forgot to cut the cake.

Were any of your family members or friends involved in the wedding and what were their contributions? My mom was my wedding planner at the end if the day. She put it all together. My cousin was the small voice in my head that helped me come up with ideas. I even designed my own bridesmaids dresses and she helped me to make the right decisions on material etc. I used my two best gay friends to help me out of the Horse and Carriage and pull my dress right before I walked down the aisle.

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What every Bride should know. Don’t look at too many different ideas as your first idea is generally your best. If you look at too many other wedding ideas you will lose track and make it difficult for people to know what you want in the end. So establish your idea and only search for inspiration that has your initial idea incorporated.

What every Groom should know. Don’t fight with your Bride during the time she plans the wedding, especially three months prior. You will fight a losing battle. Haha, just always ask if you can help.

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Suppliers: Photographer: Vizionphoto; Coordination, Church & Venue: Laurent at Lourensford; Catering: Stir and Shake & Serve; Stationery: Good Letter Press; Video: Vision on Fire; Hiring: Styled Functions Rentals & Urban Tonic
Other Suppliers: Wedding Dress & Accessories: Gert van der Merwe; Wedding Shoes: Europa Art Shoes; Bridesmaids Dresses: Yolande Daries; Hair: Krystal Claassen; Make-up: Natalie Collins; Groom’s Suit: Csquared; Entertainment: Nomadic Orchestra & DJ WagsWedding Cake: Frostings; Flowers & Décor: Julie Kallias; AV: AV Direct

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