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Today’s Chic Elegant Vintage Wedding Inspiration is by Red Ruby Events. They specialise in Floral & Décor design as well as Wedding Planning and Coordinating. With their creative ideas and superior taste, they treat each and every wedding and event, as if it were their own. Danél had complete peace of mind with Red Ruby Events coordinating her wedding.

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Why did you decide on using a Coordinator for your Wedding? What made you choose Red Ruby Events? Seriously? Wedding Coordinators are like the best thing since Chocolate Cake! My husband thought it best that we enlist the services of a Wedding Coordinator. Mainly to take the pressure off myself as I work full weekdays and also because coordinators has a little black address book the size of an encyclopedia. They save you money by giving you the best advice and make life so much easier. I found Red Ruby Events online, got a quote and BANG! I would not have made it to the altar in once piece, had it not been for Louinette and Lisa. Their knowledge and skills truly saved my day and I’ve recommended them to a handful of friends and family getting married in the future.

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Choosing your photographer is always a tricky part in the wedding planning process. How did you decide on Stella Uys as your wedding photographer? I attended one of my Senior Executives’ wedding a while back and Stella was the photographer. I hounded him for pictures after the wedding, and when I finally got to see them, it brought me to tears! A short while later, another colleague got married, and they also used Stella. Stella absolutely catches the emotion in each of her photographs. She has a way of taking photography to an entirely different level. Her images are so classically elegant that I knew there would be no compromises for me. I never even investigated another option. I absolutely HAD TO HAVE Stella!

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What made you choose your wedding venue? What was your venue short list? About two weeks after we got engaged, my husband and I jumped in the car on Sunday morning. We put the iPad on the dashboard and Googled venues in our area for a start. We arrived at Kleinkaap’s back entrance (accidentally) where they were busy doing renovations to the hotel. I was sceptical at first, but they allowed us to take a walk around and look at the gardens and the reception halls. The classic Cape Dutch style building, the high ceilings with the heavy chandeliers, and the beautiful gardens with the bunnies hopping around had us in awe. Again, it was no contest. We had looked at other venues, each with a special element we liked, but ultimately, Kleinkaap was for us! Other venues we looked at were: Sorex Estate, Leriba Lodge, Royal Elephant, River Place, River Meadow Manor.

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You had a beautiful dress! Tell us more about the designer, the fit, elements you loved, etc. How did you decide on your wedding venue? What was your venue short list?  Thank you for the compliment! Oh my word! The dress! I had gone dress fitting with a bunch of special people in my life, and I wasn’t really in the mood for another fitting but succumbed to an appointment, taking my special friend with me, Maryke, when she was up visiting from Cape Town. I tried on about three dresses at this Bridal Store, and when I tried on the Maggie Sottero Milana dress, both Maryke and I both fell in love. That’s when I decided. The features I loved most about my dress was the intricate beading, and the classic capped sleeves, which made me feel like I had stepped out of a Victorian scene in a painting. The train wasn’t too long and it was easy to tie back which opened up the scene for loads of room for boogey’ing later in the evening.

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Did anything unexpected happen? What a question! We had been hoping and praying for sunny skies on our wedding day, and all through the day everyone kept saying what a beautiful day it was! As I was getting ready to go downstairs and walk down the garden isle, the thunder started rumbling in the skies. My mother walked me down the aisle with a ray of sunshine glistening down on us, but about 5 minutes into the ceremony, the skies opened up and it came POURING down on us. All the brothers ran for umbrellas and got Johann and I covered, while the guests all huddled up real close under the scattered umbrellas for the remainder of the shortened ceremony.

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Did your wedding preparations include any DIY projects? Yes! For wedding favours we decided to give each guest a little jar filled with mints, tied with a silk ribbon “bow” for the men and a lace “bow” for the ladies. These had to be filled with a precise amount of mints, otherwise we’d either be short, or have too many left over (at the time we couldn’t afford any sweets lying around the house). I also pasted a lacy border onto a little envelope containing a lotto ticket for each guest.

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Where did you get most of your wedding inspiration and ideas from? I had inspiration boards on Pinterest with EVERY imaginable theme but when it all came down to making a decision, the decision was unanimous. My husband and I wanted Elegant, Vintage, and Chic. Red Ruby came up with a couple of amazing ideas when it came to the table centerpieces, but we wanted uncluttered beauty. The Damask overlays and runners fit in perfectly with the style of the venue and reception hall. The flower centerpieces where minimalistic but elegant and it proved again, that you don’t need 400 flowers per table to make it look stunning!

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Were any of your family members or friends involved in the wedding and what were their contributions? Johann and I did most of the planning ourselves; the execution was done by Red Ruby Events. We enlisted the services of two very special friends, Jaco and Wesley, who helped cut lace and ribbon, fill containers with mints, and paste lace onto envelopes. We had a little production line going on in our lounge. We probably would have gone bonkers if we had to do all of it ourselves. Our family all travelled from far, Cape Town and Free State, so they couldn’t really help us hands on, but their monetary contributions towards the wedding will forever be remembered, and we are eternally grateful.

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What were the highlights of your wedding day? 8 am – 2am. Honestly – The entire day was a highlight. For me, having to get ready with my mother by my side was especially emotional, considering my father had passed away 14 months before.

Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently? I would have traded my heels for a pair of shocking pink Wellies! To be honest, looking back, no. We had an absolutely amazing day. Our friends were VERY good spirited about getting wet. We enjoyed the food, the wine, the music and the union and the party went on until 2am! We have rockstar friends and family who are all so very supportive and like us, enjoy a good old-fashioned party!

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What every Bride should never forget: Your wedding is all about YOU. Do what will make YOU happy. If you don’t feel like throwing a party for 150 guests, don’t. If it’s going to make you happy having 200 guests adoring you as you walk down the aisle, make it happen! Your wedding day is truly the one day that you will find yourself reminiscing about until you’re old and eventually develop Alzheimer’s. It should be remembered fondly. Stella – my photographer – also gave me VERY good advice, which you tend to forget about during the course of the day – Take a step back. Absorb the atmosphere and the laughter. The day goes by so quickly, before you know it, they’ll be switching on the lights and turning down the volume. ENJOY your wedding!

What every Groom should know: Having a wedding coordinator made the world of difference while organising the wedding but especially on the day. It might seem like  an expensive option at first but trust me they save you loads in effort, time and money – worth every cent! Remember when things go wrong – and something probably will – stop, breath, relax and focus on your beautiful bride.

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Coordinator, Flowers & Décor: Red Ruby Events; Photographer: Stella Uys Photography
Other Suppliers:
Venue, Church & Catering: Kleinkaap Boutique Hotel; Wedding Dress: Maggie Sottero at Amanté Bridalwear; Wedding Shoes: Anella Shoes at Amanté Bridalwear; Hair and Make-up:Make-up by MB; Groom’s Suit: Euro Suit; Rings: Sterns & Browns Jewellers Centurion; Entertainment: DJ Tyran Alexander from The Shattered Glass Group; Stationery: Rebelle Creative; Cake: Decadent Rose Cupcakes

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