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Wedding Inspiration – Bright colours inspire us to happiness. They make us think of hot summer days and pretty drinks, laughing with friends and having a good time. Colour is everywhere around us, in every sunset, every wave that catches the light as it breaks on the shore, every flower, rainbow, bird and popsicle. It asks to be celebrated and begs to be enjoyed.

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We couldn’t think of a happier occasion or a bigger celebration than a wedding and so we brought all the colours that make us feel giddy and bubbly, together in one spectacular shoot.

The circle would have to be the shape of happiness and there are few things in this world that inspire a more childlike glee than the polka dot. We splashed them all over our multi-coloured table runner and even used them for confetti. Guests were shown their seats by means of dotty badges and brightly coloured macaroons rounded off the event as part of the wedding cake.

We wanted our colours to pop and be flourescent, so we lightly sprayed some of our flowers to fit in with our theme. Have you ever seen more beautiful bright yellow and orange hydrangeas or purple proteas?

We simply couldn’t stand our flowers getting lost amongst the glasses and cutlery on the table, so we gave them their own wooden pedestals to place them at eye level with the guests. A multi-coloured extravaganza, fit for a queen.

Our entire thought process behind this shoot, was to show prospective brides that bright colours do not necessarily mean a carnival or circus themed wedding and that they can be applied without taking away any of the elegance or beauty required of a wedding day.

Article by Sunélle van den Berg from Blank Canvas Event Design (Wedding/event planning and Event styling) 
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Décor Items: My Pretty Vintage; Macaroons & Wedding Cakes: Edible Art Cakes; Stationery: Secret Diary Creative Concepts & Designs; Flowers: Fleur Le Cordeur; Makeup and Hair Stylist: Joleta Keane; Men’s Attire and styling: Moi Styling; Photographer: Jömeri Photography; Wedding Dress: Crystals and Crème; Polka Dot Socks: Nic Socks