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Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant from 2people1life fame are the most unique, exciting and inspiring couple. They are travelling the world and having a wedding ceremony in each country they visit! So far they have visited 22 countries and are on wedding number 37! Their reasons for doing this….1) to make the trip memorable; 2) to experience the culture and meet local people in the places they visit; 3) to let the world know about all the different ways that people around the globe celebrate the universal practice of unifying two people. So far, some of their many experiences have included being married by Martha Stewart in New York, a dolphin wedding in Hawaii, a Mayan ceremony in Mexico, an Andean wedding in Peru & a traditional Xaman wedding in Guatamala to name but a few! The couple are not legally married as yet as they plan to choose their favourite destination to return to after their travels and officially marry. They still plan to travel for the next 2 years!

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A local Eastern Cape photographer, Andrew Elliott (Andrew Elliott Photography), read an article covering this amazing journey and felt so inspired he decided to contact them and tell them that the Eastern Cape is the best place in the world to get married! They replied with an emphatic yes! They started their journey in South Africa by visiting Cape Town where they had a wedding in Khayelitsha whereby they followed this with some travels up the West coast. They then made their way down the garden route towards the Eastern Cape for wedding number 36 and 37! Andrew planned 2 ceremonies for them, one held on the 16th February at the spectacular setting of Oceana Beach and Wildlife Reserve which was to be a mix of Afrikaans and English culture; followed by a traditional Xhosa wedding on the 17th February held at the Fish River Sun.

The Afrikaans/English wedding was held on a deck in the bush overlooking the stunning coastline. The minister blended the 2 cultures beautifully and conveyed the true meaning of love as viewed in a western South African ceremony. This was followed by sensational singing from the Sunshine choir (of Sunshine Juice fame!) who celebrated the couples ‘marriage’ by lifting our spirits with music! A tea under the milkwood trees  followed. Andrew then spent the afternoon with the couple hiking up the beach (with Lisa in a wedding dress!) and enjoyed a trash the dress session – the couple even endured the strong currents standing on a rock in the middle of the sea with jelly fish floating around to boot!

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The traditional Xhosa wedding was held at Fish River Sun and every tradition was adhered to – from the outfits, to the ceremony, culture, traditions, singing, dancing, food and decor. It was an amazing, colourful and joyful celebration. You could feel the amazing energy and happiness in the air. Added to the ceremonies which were held here in the Eastern Cape the couple also managed to see a lot of the area which included a trip to Addo Elephant Park, game drives, walks on the beach etc. They also got to interact with elephants near Grahamstown which made for a wonderful experience and photographs! Thanks to the generosity of so many they also got to stay in many wonderful locations which included Ford D Acre Nature Reserve, an Ox-wagon on Mansfield Game Reserve, Prana Lodge on the Wild coast and not to forget Oceana and Fish River Sun.

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We wish them a safe journey on the rest of their travels which include a visit to Durban, then Johannesburg and then up into Africa. We hope they had a wonderful time in one of the most beautiful parts of the world – the Eastern Cape! They plan to travel for a further 2 years and after South Africa they are heading further North into Africa. Check out their blog for the rest of their exciting weddings! The couple also raise funds for UNICEF by asking people to donate to UNICEF – this will also stand you a chance to win an all expenses paid trip to a mystery wedding destination to be a guest at their final wedding!

Article by Andrew Elliot Photography.

Suppliers: Oceana Game Reserve: one nights’ accommodation and hosting of the Afrikaans/English wedding ceremony;  Blooming Brilliance: bouquet and buttonhole; Chocolate Cherry: cupcakes; Judy-Leigh Elliott: make-up; Andrew Elliott Photography: photography and planning of events; Jen Elliott: gift basket and welcome pack; Fish River Sun: one night’s accommodation and hosting of the traditional Xhosa ceremony; Prana Lodge: one night’s accommodation; Fort D’Acre: one night’s accommodation; Mansfield Private Reserve: one night’s accommodation.