Wedding Confetti Ideas and Alternatives


Wedding confetti  throwing is the first bit of real fun your guests will have at your wedding and this is your chance to set the mood for the rest of the day. Wedding confetti does not have to be restricted to the classic paper option.  Let your creative juices flow. Here are some fun wedding confetti ideas and alternatives.

There are various types of wedding confetti out there, and if you are creative you will be able to find a way to combine your confetti to your wedding theme, style and décor. Little Pink Book took the time to look at some great wedding confetti ideas:

In Full Bloom

Some couples prefer that their guests throw rose petals as confetti, but why not take this a step further. Any type of small flower can look very pretty as confetti, as well as on the wedding photo. You can opt for daisies, Piper’s Anemone, Asters, Bluebells, and Jasmine for your wedding confetti.

Time to Fly

If you want to be very original you can have your flower girls distribute mini paper planes to the guests as confetti. When you exit the church, every individual can try and fly the paper plane in your direction. Not only will this be completely out of the box, but the guests will have fun doing it.

Snap, Crackle and Pop

Instead of wedding confetti you can arm your guests with a packet of Rice Crispies or even popcorn to throw at you as you exit the church. Experiment with coloring the popcorn or cereal so that the confetti complements the color scheme of your wedding.

Cheer Away

If you want to use some material for your confetti, why not make little pom poms for the guests to throw. These can be as small grapes and vary in sizes; they will add a lovely colorful touch to the tradition.

For more ideas on confetti or to check out the original photos displayed in this post and their credits, have a look at our Alternatives to Wedding Confetti board on Pinterest.

Article by Anneke Steenkamp

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